It was an enormous privilege to be able to attend the Australasian Podiatry Conference last week which was conveniently held in Melbourne. This national conference is held every second year where all the leading suppliers exhibit the latest products on the market, distinguished academics present the latest research and noted Podiatrists conduct workshops whereby delegates can refresh their knowledge and build new skills.

Whilst it can be difficult to take time off work and re-organise family life, I always make it a priority to attend because the national conference experience is invaluable.


I thought I would share some of the highlights of the three day event.

-The legendary Dylan Alcott, 2016 Australian Paralympian of the Year opened the conference with his inspirational life story. His witty sense of humour and extraordinary achievements had the 500+ crowd captivated.

-Susan Mayes, Physiotherapist from The Australian Ballet presented her findings on the unstable subtalar joint. I was scribbling down all her findings so quickly knowing how many patients we see with the types of symptoms she was discussing. Her pearls of wisdom in managing this chronic condition will certainly help many patients we see at MVFAC.

-Dr. Phil Helliwell, Rheumatologist from Leeds University in the UK was a keynote speaker and delivered a wonderful presentation and workshop on ‘Clinical Assessment of the foot in Rheumatology’.

-Dr. Alicia James and Simone Cranage refreshed our skills to use the new and exciting GALLOP tool. This is a wonderful resource we have implemented in our clinic to help assess our Paediatric patients.

-Quality Innovation Performance (QIP): we attended the QIP trade display and decided it was time to take the plunge and work towards Accreditation. Only 25 clinics in Australia have been successful in gaining Accreditation and we are going to spend the next twelve months working towards it. At the moment in Australia, it is mandatory that hospitals, aged care/child care facilities and many other services gain Accreditation to be able to open, currently it is optional for Allied Health services, but we figure our standards are already high- why not have it formally acknowledged!

-SHOES SHOES SHOES! What Podiatrist doesn’t love shoes?! After all, they are one of the important tools in our treatment plans. I was extremely lucky enough to attend the BARED FOOTWEAR launch party in their new CBD store which is due to open to the public in June. Check out to see their amazing ladies and mens footwear ranges. I also went along to the Frankie4 Pop Up store in the CBD and got to see their amazing range in the flesh. Frankie4 ( are normally only sold online, so it was great to be able to witness the quality of their shoes and try on some of my favourite styles. Thanks to the guys at Archies thongs for supplying me with a sample pair, after wearing them at home for the last few days, they get my big tick of approval and I look forward to stocking them in our clinic later in the year when the weather warms up!

My list of highlights could continue on for many more pages, but I will leave it there for now.

One thing is for sure, and that is I look forward to jumping back into the clinic this week with all this new knowledge, inspiration and motivation gained from the conference where our patients can benefit directly.

Keeping you on your feet,


Susan Mayes from The Australian Ballet

The QIP Team that will be assisting us with Accreditation this year

Dylan Alcott OAM